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Snow making you blue? Go green


1st March 2018

With extreme snowfall in the UK at the moment, we’re seeing evidence of climate change yet again. Climate change and global warming do not just mean hotter temperatures, but greater periods of precipitation – such as snow.

So, there’s no better time to adopt a greener lifestyle…

Truth be told, it isn’t easy being green. We all try our best, but there always seems to be so many hurdles. We’ve all thrown an empty plastic packet in the bin and instantly realised it could’ve been recycled. At times, it feels like everything we own needs charging. And everywhere you go, people try to sell you something, wrapped in plastic, that needs charging!

However, the world – and people’s habits – are changing. With industries now responding to the more conscious consumer, it’s easier than ever to cut down our carbon calorie count. To help, we’ve listed some tips below on how we can all be a little bit greener.


1) Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

You’ve probably heard this phrase a lot, but it remains a cornerstone of battling the mountains of waste we all produce. Reducing the plethora of plastic we buy is a hugely important, as this is slowly polluting all pockets of the planet.

Luckily, there are many businesses now dedicated to producing goods made solely from recycled materials. From jewellery and jugs, to Tupperware and toilet paper, alternatives are out there if we look hard enough. Some great examples can be found on Etsy, where you can buy and sell homemade goods and creations online.

And of course, making the everyday effort with our household recycling really does make a difference.


2) Use Technology

Everything we buy has a carbon footprint; some bigger than others, but are we aware of the emissions that each product we buy has produced? Well, now you can be – with smartphone apps like GoodGuide, which allows you to track the product’s carbon footprint via a barcode, or Commute Greener, which enables you to select the greenest way to arrive at work.


3) Buy Second Hand

Nowadays, there are loads of apps for buying, selling and sharing things locally. If you need a one-off item, the chances are someone somewhere has it – check out Olio, Streetbank or Freecycle, to name a few.

If you’re not into techy stuff, why not visit a charity shop next time you need a fancy dress outfit? You’ll save a heap of money, contribute to a good cause, and help save the planet – a win-win all round!


4) Go Renewable

Renewable energy is on the rise, and switching to a renewable energy provider will turn coal-dependent cuppas into a breeze-powered brews! As renewable energy prices continue to fall, bills will too – making this one of the easiest ways to cut carbon footprints, without changing day-to-day life.

Solarplicity’s got you covered on this one; as a leading renewable energy company in the UK, we source all of our power from sustainable supplies – just head over to our Homepage for a quick quote and simple switch!


5) Watch What We Eat

Did you know? 1KG of beef requires around 15,000 litres of water to produce, and uses 28 times the amount of land than chicken or pork.

Don’t worry – this isn’t an instruction to stop eating meat. However, it’s clear that decreasing the amount of meat we consume is an effective way to reduce our environmental impact.

If you eat meat every day, why not try one veggie dish a week? Many dishes like a curry or stir-fry work just as well with broccoli and leeks instead of beef and lamb.

If you really are a meat addict, you can still be greener without giving up your daily fix. Switching to more locally sourced and seasonal produce will drastically eat into those food miles. And, as with everything in this list, it doesn’t require a dramatic change in lifestyle or budget.


So, there you have it – going green isn’t so hard after all. Simply give these a try and we’ll be eco-warriors in no time!

By Theo Drijver