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You can renew your fixed terms contract by following the link from your email or letter and following the instructions. Once you click submit we will be sent your information and will update your contract. Alternatively, you can call or email.

In your email or letter that invites you to renew you will be given a date to renew by. Beyond this date you will be automatically rolled on to the Standard Variable Tariff. At this point you can still switch onto the Fixed contract but the interim period will be charged according to the rates on the Standard Variable tariff.

If you already have a Solarplicity Smart Meter, then you will be able to renew onto the Smart Fixed 2 tariff, however you will not receive the Smart Bonus. If you have a Smart Meter from a different supplier, you will need to book for an engineer to install a Solarplicity Smart Meter once you have renewed in order to receive the Smart bonus.