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Project Nexus: Annoying. But necessary


21st September 2017

Project Nexus is an important industry wide update that will be starting in May 2017. During this time, new customers may find that their gas switch will take slightly longer than usual, as energy companies are not able to communicate with the gas industry as normal. This slight disruption is annoying, but in the long run, customers will find it much easier to switch suppliers.

What is Project Nexus?

Project Nexus is an initiative to replace the UK Link System for energy settlement, meter administration and other functions for the whole gas market. So what does this mean? In the long run Project Nexus will help:

  • Customers to receive more accurate billing, which in turn allows for energy companies to offer more competitive prices
  • Support the smart meter roll out giving advance meter readings
  • Customers will find it easier to switch as we will be able to talk to the gas industry more efficiently.

This will only affect customers who are choosing to switch gas providers between the 20th May and 6th June, who may find that their start of supply date for gas is affected. This necessary change will cause a small delay but we will process things as quickly as possible to ensure as smooth a switch as possible at the earliest convenience.

If you have already switched to Solarplicity, this will not affect you. This will also not affect our current customers.

In the meantime, if you need any advice on how your switch is going, please email us at theteam@solarplicity.com