TOTO energy acquires the bulk of Solarplicity’s customer base

London 29/07/2019: Solarplicity and TOTO today announced a new partnership that sees TOTO adopting the bulk of Solarplicity’s retail customer base and becoming the preferred grid energy provider in its unique Community Energy Scheme. This move is in the best interest of Solarplicity’s customers and the transition of customers is designed to be completed in an efficient and seamless manner. TOTO will notify Solarplicity customers that are being transferred across to their services.

TOTO Energy’s objective is to deliver great value and great service to its customers. Over half of TOTO customers already benefit from Smart Meters making TOTO the perfect fit for Solarplicity’s customer base. As a fast-growing energy business built to serve all customers, TOTO is looking to use this move to scale-up its business. 

The rest of the Solarplicity Group will continue to do what it has always done best – provide innovative renewable energy technology to cut the cost of energy for Local Authority and Housing Association tenants. Existing customers, particularly within the Community Energy Scheme in Stoke need not worry. Not all customers are being transferred. If you don’t hear from TOTO, you will continue to be supplied by Solarplicity on your existing terms and conditions.

The Solarplicity team recognise that the difficulties it experienced last year with regard to customer service and the Ofgem investigations gave rise to some concern among a number of its customers. It said it was confident that this partnership would restore confidence and allow the Community Energy Scheme to grow – ensuring further savings for all its members. 

A spokesperson from Solarplicity said:

“While we’re sad to say goodbye to our retail customers, we know that TOTO is an excellent fit. With the completion of this partnership, we can now restructure our business to focus on our core operations. First and foremost, we are a renewable technology business striving to fight fuel poverty and make renewable energy available to everyone. We look forward to offering a more focused and dedicated level of service across our renewable business.”

A spokesperson from TOTO said:

“We’re delighted to be welcoming Solarplicity’s customers to TOTO. We want to assure the customers who are moving to TOTO that their energy supply is secure and we are protecting their credit balances. Their current tariff and terms and conditions will not change as a result of the move. We will be contacting all the customers who are transferring to TOTO to explain and answer any questions. Customers can contact us on:, Facebook: @TOTOSmartEnergy, Twitter: @WeAreTOTO, 0808 164 3551 or 0330 058 7365

Both parties assured customers that their information will remain secure and that any credit balances in the accounts that move across to TOTO will remain intact.