Partnership Agreement

Solarplicity and TOTO have announced a new partnership that sees TOTO taking over the majority of our customer base and becoming the preferred grid energy provider in our unique Community Energy Scheme.

We want to reassure you that this move will be done as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. We are sorry to see our customers go, but rest assured the move to TOTO is in your best interest. Not all customers are being transferred. If you don’t hear from TOTO, you will continue to be supplied by Solarplicity on your existing terms and conditions.

The rest of the Solarplicity Group will continue to do what it has always done best – provide innovative Renewable Technology to cut the cost of energy for Local Authority and Housing Association tenants.

This process will be done automatically – you do not need to do anything. TOTO will notify Solarplicity customers that are being transferred across to their services.

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