Here is what Katie has done so far to save CO2 and keep it green…


With meat production being one of the biggest polluters, Katie has decided to turn vegetarian. Her own carbon footprint reduced by over 1,100kg as she replaced beef, chicken and pork with broccoli, tofu and beans!

Katie loved New Zealand, but it meant a 52 hour round trip and a carbon footprint. However, by donating to Mossy Earth we covered her emissions and kept Katie’s travel carbon neutral!

As Winter hits, Katie's green journey continues with her pledge to wrap up warm at home instead of turning the heating on! Simply reducing your thermostat by 1C can save 300kg of CO2 annually.

Recycling our plastic is something we all know is beneficial, but it’s scary to know that only a third of all plastic used is actually recycled. It should be an automatic, effortless deed.

By simply switching her bulbs to LED, Katie discovered that this saves 2000kg of CO2, not to mention the cost and efficiency benefits.

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