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Your start date will be 21 days after you complete your switch online. At the moment we do not offer customers the chance to pick their own start date, but you can amend the date of your first payment by giving us a call.

Yes we take care of that for you, so you don’t have to! As soon as we get your details they will know a) that you’re leaving and b) when. Once you give us your meter readings, we’ll share them with your old supplier too, so you get an accurate final bill from them!

Having an online account allows you to add and manage your direct debit, submit meter readings and access your statements. If you pay on receipt of bill you can make payments there. If you are moving property or want to switch a different property to us then you can do this online too.

Whilst not an ideal start, it is no disaster either. In the absence of meter readings submitted by you, we (with help from your old supplier) will agree an estimate reading. This should be accurate if you had previously given meter readings at least every few months. If you weren’t too hot on meter readings then there is more chance this estimate reading will be inaccurate?

That is fine, we can try to amend this for you. To dispute an electricity reading, the difference needs to be more than 250 units, and for gas 1200 units. If that is the case, then we can contact your previous supplier (preferably with a photo of your meter) and ask them to amend this. This process usually takes around 6 weeks. In the case that the difference is not high enough to dispute, we can offer to credit you the difference if you end up paying more to your previous supplier should they be more expensive than us.

Not necessarily. It really all depends on whether you are fully paid up with them. Remember though, you should not pay for any energy from them after your switch date to us, so make sure you read your final bill carefully.

Your old supplier may object to your switch if you have debt that is older than 30 days. Before you switch, it may be worth checking your last statement to make sure you are paid up. If you have already started your switch and now realise you are in debt, don’t worry – just contact your old supplier and clear the debt, and let us know so we can reapply for your switch to continue.

Keep calm! It might be that we haven’t fully received all the key info from your previous supplier. Until we receive all of this we cannot send over your meter readings. Don’t worry – this can take up to six weeks after your start of supply with us.

Simple. Just sign up to one of our fixed electricity or dual fuel energy plans through our website or over the phone and, once you become a Solarplicity customer, we will invite you to order your bulbs by email.

That may be an administrative error, or we may have only seen your request to cancel after it was too late. In these unfortunate circumstances, there are still ways to send you back to your previous supplier without involving you, just let us know when this happens and we will see what we can do.

We appreciate that this is not ideal at all. However, when you apply to switch, a first payment date will be set automatically depending on the day of the month you are joining us. When the switch is cancelled, it may be that it is too close to the first payment date for the payment to be cancelled in time. In this case the best way to have your money returned is by contacting your bank to do an indemnity claim.

That’s a pity. In most cases this is due to an outstanding balance you are yet to settle with them. Once you have paid this they will then accept the request from us to take over your supply. However, it may be due to other reasons, one of which could be that they have some incorrect information relating to your address or meter. It may be worth checking with them if you are not sure.

It depends on how quickly you did this. If you managed to resolve this within a few days then we would have automatically reapplied to take the supply over and you will not be required to do anything further. However, if this took over a week, then you may be required to reapply. Always best to check with us or your previous supplier to be sure.

The industry (a central, independent party) can object to a switch taking place should there be inconsistencies with information held by your current supplier, and themselves. This is usually related to address or the meter.

This could be due to a number of reasons. During a switch, there are many information flows that go between the two suppliers in question. Each supplier has a data collector who essentially gathers the information, passes onto the other data collector, who delivers to the other supplier. If there was a delay or block on any of these flows, then it might result in a delay to the switch. The final flow is the confirmation of the start readings, which go from us to your previous supplier. However, if this is delayed, it may be that a previous transaction being held up caused this delay. We cannot offer specific information here, but please get in touch with us for a more detailed insight to your case.

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