Solarplicity Meter Read Submissions

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In an ideal world, every month. We realise that people lead busy lives however, so as long as you send us an up-to-date reading every couple of months, that’s great. If you want your meter reading to align with the monthly statement, please allow 5 working days prior to your billing date to ensure this reading is reflected in that bill.

A Smart Meter allows you to better monitor your usage rather than wait for the bill to arrive each month. By taking actual meter readings from your meter, you will never see an estimated bill again. What’s more is that it will help us all be greener and more efficient.

Oh, sorry about that. Our engineers try their best to make all appointments, but from time to time a busy traffic jam or punctured tyre can scupper their plans. In this case, we will contact you to rearrange the appointment at your convenience.

Oh no. In the case you feel that your Smart Meter was not installed correctly, safely or is in any way not functioning as you thought, please contact us on 0330 058 6022. Our Smart Team will be able to assist and if necessary send out an engineer to have a look.

Absolutely not. Your data is safe, and your meter will not be spying on you. The device simply collects your energy usage data and allows us to access it. This is to everyone’s benefit and this information doesn’t find itself anywhere else.

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