Our Fair Market Price plan

Some companies charge you for energy you don’t actually use. These are called standing charges – and we don’t think they’re fair. That’s why we created our Fair Market Price energy plan. What you pay for: the energy you actually use... and nothing else. With absolutely no standing charges. Ever.

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Solarplicity Fair Market Price

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, renewable energy. And that’s exactly what our Fair Market Price gives you. Simply lower energy bills that will always be lower than the UK’s Big 6 energy companies. Without the unfair standing charges.

Here’s a bright idea

Want to save even more? Sign up to our simple variable energy plan and we’ll give you FREE energy-saving light bulbs. It’s brighter savings for everybody!

Solarplicity Having A Look Around

Having a look around?

Thinking of leaving us? We really hope you change your mind. But if you do decide to move to another supplier, then you don’t need to worry as there are no exit fees on our variable energy plan

Solarplicity Hand Globe

100% renewable electricity

We believe in doing our bit for the planet.

How we go about it: by helping our customers reduce their CO2 emissions. So, when you become a Solarplicity customer, you’re helping to create a more sustainable future.

Find out more about our current fuel mix here.

Energy plan information for where you live (tariff)

Want more info about our current and previous energy plans for your area? Just click here.

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