Frequently Asked Questions

If we could, our team of experienced energy professionals would talk about renewable energy all day long, so if you have a question, please get in touch. Before you do, have a look at our FAQs below to check that yours hasn’t already been covered. We’ve answered a lot of questions from our customers, and have developed a set of guides to help you through everything: from how to read your energy meters, to what to do if you're moving.

  • What to do in an emergency?

    For gas emergencies: call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111999 (available 24 hours a day)
    For electricity emergencies: please download the emergency guide below to find the number for your region.

  • Who are Solarplicity?

    LoCO2 joined Solarplicity in April 2017. Together our mission is to bring our customers Fair Market Prices for simply lower energy bills. We believe all customers should have access to renewable, affordable energy and great customer service.

  • How do I get in touch with Solarplicity?

    You can contact our customer service team Monday-Friday between 8am-8pm and on Saturdays between 9am-5:30pm on 0333 0044666 or via email at We are also available through our social media channels!

  • Where does the electricity we supply come from?

    In 2015/16, 100% of our overall fuel mix came from renewable sources. We only offer electricity that's 100% renewable. It's part of our commitment to bring down the CO2 emissions - and help all of our customers do their bit to help the world we live in.

  • Do I need to let my current supplier know if I choose to switch to Solarplicity?

    No, we will take care of that as part of the switch process. You will hear from them before you leave as they will contact you asking for a final meter reading. Do not cancel your direct debit with them as you may be due a refund or you may owe them some money.

  • What is the Fair Market Price Tariff?

    It’s actually quite simple... and it all depends on how much energy you use. Our Fair Market Price is split into two rates:
    1. Our Base Rate
    2. Our Tiered Rate
    You’ll start out on the Base Rate until you go over the consumption threshold (in other words, if you use over a certain amount of energy). Once this happens, you’ll automatically switch to the Tiered Rate. And here’s the good bit – the Tiered Rate is lower so the more energy you use, the less it costs. We don’t think you can say fairer than that.

  • How do you calculate my monthly direct debits?

    There has been a lot of bad press about electricity suppliers setting monthly direct debits too high. We will base your direct debit payment amount on the most accurate information that we have about your electricity usage over the previous year. If actual meter readings are not available, we can estimate your future electricity usage by asking you a few simple questions about your property and the number of appliances you use. We then divide this amount into equal monthly payments, taking into account that you would normally expect to build up a credit in the summer months which is used to pay for the increased amount of electricity you will use during the winter. If you are a new customer we can base your direct debit on your EAC (estimated annual consumption) once your old supplier sends us over the meter technical details. By taking accurate meter readings we can keep track of your actual consumption levels, which enables us to accurately review your direct debit amount. You can help us to do this by sending us your actual meter readings on a regular basis.

  • What if I change my mind about switching?

    We hope you don't! But if you do, we have a 14-day cooling off period so please call us to tell us not to switch your supply. You will receive a cooling off letter once we have received your switch instruction.

  • What is a tariff?

    A tariff is the package of charges and conditions offered by a supplier for the provision of energy.

  • What is a kWH (kilowatt-hour)?

    A kWh stands for kilowatt-hour – the unit used to measure energy use. 1 kWh will power a 40 watt light bulb for 25 hours.

  • What is personal projection?

    This is based on your estimated annual energy consumption and is a projection of your energy costs for the next twelve months based on different tariffs. You can use this to compare to other tariffs where an alternative personal projection has been calculated.

  • What is a Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR)?

    This is a rate per kWh that allows you to compare your tariff to other tariffs in the market by taking account of the unit rate and standing charge in one single unit. The TCR is not an actual price and is based on the consumption of a typical user of electricity (multiple rate meter 4,300 kWh/year split assuming consumption at 45% day rate and 55% night rate; single rate meter 3,100 kWh /year; gas 12,500 kWh). Your actual charges will depend on your personal consumption.

  • What is a tiered tariff?

    Our EFL tiered tariff has 2 rates for your energy, our unit rate which gives you a cheaper rate for usage over the threshold, and our initial unit rate which covers the first portion of your usage each month. These are spread across the year so that you are not hit with high bills at the start of your contract. At the end of the year we will do a reconciliation to ensure you have been charged the correct amount on each rate. Your bills will show you each month how much usage is applied on each rate.