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An end to Fuel Poverty


17th November 2017

Did you know that more than 30% of people in the UK say that they’re simply too scared to put their heating on through the fear of crippling fuel bills? Not only that, but a staggering 32% said that they will struggle to heat their homes this winter!

Here at Solarplicity, we’ve partnered with Community Energy England, to start a movement to try and end fuel poverty. How? By educating customers to switch away from the ‘Big Six’ UK energy providers and choose simply lower energy bills. What else we’re doing to help: a 1 million kWh give away to 100 of the UK’s most in need residents currently living in fuel poverty.

We’ve been lucky enough to have TV personality Sherrie Hewson involved in our movement. Sherrie wants to take action on the crisis this winter: “It is a major emotional drain for so many people to be faced with day in day out. More than half of us are concerned about someone in fuel poverty, making it more important to highlight the issue and help those most in need – particularly the older generation. I am proud to be supporting the movement from Solarplicity and Community Energy England by helping spread awareness of the help that is available to those struggling this year.”

Households are considered to be in fuel poverty if they have to spend more than 10% of their household income on fuel just to keep their home in an adequate condition. Thus leaving them with a residual income below the official poverty line. Many often have a monthly worry finding themselves facing a fuel poverty “crisis” depending on how much money they have earned that month. Unsurprisingly, the emotional impact that comes with the burden has resulted in many feeling unhappy and even depressed when they receive a heating bill.

As mentioned above, as part of our ongoing mission to end fuel poverty, we are giving away 1 million kWh of energy to those most in need in the UK, in partnership with Community Energy England. We’re working with the charity to identify 100 elderly individuals, who are in fuel poverty and who need our help. The 100 people chosen will receive free energy through solar installations… meaning that their energy worries are over!

As part of the campaign, you’ll see things like dancing nans and even upside down baking! So, keep an eye on our Solarplicity social media pages over the coming weeks – and see how we’re tackling fuel poverty this winter.