EFL Tariff Terms and Conditions

  1. Domestic customers only.
  2. Tiered tariff, 1 year fixed.
  3. An early exit fee of £200 will apply if you leave the contract before the end of the fixed term period.
  4. Only eligible if you sign up to electricity or electricity and gas and not applicable for any gas only customers or any customers with pre-payment meters.
  5. £200 rebate will only apply to customer with an annual electricity consumption >=2,500 kWh (which will be based on the EAC we receive from the industry). Customers with a lower consumption (but higher than 1,500 kWh) will receive a lower rebate.
  6. The rebate of an annual consumption between 1,500 and 2,500 kWh (referred to as EAC) will be determined as follows; rebate = (EAC – 1500)/1000 * £200.
  7. This would mean customers with annual electricity consumption of 2,000 kWh receive a rebate of £100 and customers with an annual electricity consumption of 1,500 kWh or lower will not receive a rebate. Customers with an annual electricity consumption of 2,500 kWh or higher will receive a rebate of £200.
  8. We will credit the rebate to your bank account no later than 3 months after sign-up.
  9. Each household is only eligible for one rebate per year.
  10. Only eligible for new customers.
  11. Participation is subject to credit check.
  12. In order to receive the rebate, you must ensure that your account with us does not have any outstanding debt.
  13. Rebates will only be paid into a UK bank account, no other rebate method will be accepted.
  14. This tariff is a tiered tariff. Our Fair Market Price is split into two rates:  1. Our Initial Unit Rate 2. Our Unit Rate. This means customers start out on the Initial Unit Rate until they go over the consumption threshold. Once this happens, the customer automatically switches to the Fair Market Price Unit Rate. The Unit Rate is lower so the more energy you use, the less it costs.