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Does saving energy feel like a chore?


13th January 2016

It shouldn’t! Just a few simple changes to the way you use your appliances at work or home really can make a noticeable difference to how much you spend on energy bills, and by investing in low cost, sustainable energy, your savings will be even more noticeable. Can you really afford not to?

Here are some of our energy saving tips:

  • Do you leave screens on around the building? Make sure they’re not left on standby as every second will cost you – just turn them off when not in use
  • Every workers favourite – a hot cup of tea. Just make sure the kettle is only as full as it needs to be!
  • Can you feel the chill? Investing in draught-proofing for windows and doors can save you a significant amount when it comes to heating bills
  • Turning down your thermostat by just one degree Celsius can save the average home up to £90 per year – imagine how much your business could save!
  • One quick fix that you can do once and then forget about: replace old-fashioned bulbs with energy saving ones – modern energy efficient bulbs are just as bright now
  • And don’t forget the old favourite: turn off the lights! Just a few seconds makes a difference.

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