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With our Community Energy Scheme, homeowners and social housing tenants can save an average of £300* on their energy bills, plus much more.

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How the Community Energy Scheme has helped tenants save

Damian and Hannah go green!

Mr and Mrs Flagstaff are a married couple in their mid-forties who live with their two children in Dudley. Mr Flagstaff works for a local construction company, whilst Mrs Flagstaff works part-time for a catering company. The family rent a semi-detached 3-bed property constructed of brick and have a Community Energy Scheme Solarplicity Dual Fuel account - which saves them, on average, £311 per year (that’s 1.5 tonnes of carbon saved per year and another 38 trees).

Mr and Mrs Flagstaff joined the Community Energy Scheme as it was created by their landlord and are happy to be doing their bit to save the environment (whilst saving quite a bit of money at the same time).

Good news for Mrs Neal

Mrs Neal is a 70-year-old retired lady who lives alone in Norwich. She has a 2-bed, terrace brick house and has in partnership with her landlord and Solarplicity a Community Energy Scheme Dual Fuel account - which saves her, on average, £390 per year.

In other words, that’s 1.5 tonnes of carbon saved every year or over a 20-year period 38 trees. Small wonder then, that, as a Solarplicity Community Energy Scheme customer, Mrs Neal feels pretty good about her energy usage, with her free 1.5kw Solar PV System generating 93% of her household electricity ‘off grid’ through solar power.

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