Cutting costs and boosting budgets for sports clubs and venues

Solarplicity are committed to providing more affordable energy to centres of sport across the UK, enabling clubs and venues to significantly save money, year on year. A range of funding options are available – reduce your energy costs over a 20 year period, or receive a proportion of savings as an upfront investment in a capital project.

Fully guaranteed

Every solar installation is custom-designed to meet your exact needs and targets, and all components are always guaranteed and warrantied at above industry standards. What’s more, because we’re committed to delivering clean, reliable energy to as many people as possible, we will extend our free solar offer to fan communities, commercial partners and sports sponsors. Looking for clean, reliable, fully-funded power that is protected against the rising cost of fossil fuels? We have a simple solution – get in touch today.

Why choose solar energy from Solarplicity?

We’ll make it simple