Solarplicity Expertise

Your business, our expertise. (That’s a great combination...)

Whatever business or commercial sector you’re in, with us you’re in for...
Low cost energy bills
A great financial return
A cleaner, greener environment for your business - and your team

Solarplicity Buildings


We make meeting your corporate responsibility and CO2 reduction targets simple.
How? With our flexible Power Purchase Agreement.

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Solarplicity Big Ben


Work in the Government, public or blue light sector? We’ve got good news.
We can help you reduce the size of your carbon footprint.
Oh, and we can also help reduce your energy expenditure too.

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Solarplicity New House

New build

Solar. It’s in our name. And it’s part of our DNA.
So, if you’re a new build developer, we’ll help you work to CODE - and increase SAP Points too.

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Solarplicity Solar Panels


Landowner, investor or community group?
Looking to make a profit from generating solar energy?
You’ve found the perfect opportunity.

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Solarplicity Schools


Who are the leading solar energy providers for schools?
Here’s a clue... it starts with ‘Solar’ and ends with ‘plicity’!
For high quality, custom-made energy solutions, we always get top marks.

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Solarplicity Sports


You: 1
High energy bills: 0
Choose Solarplicity and we’ll help your team save money and energy year on year.
What a great result!

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