Frequently Asked Questions

If we could, our team of experienced professionals would talk about renewable energy and solar all day long, so if you have a question, please get in touch. Before you do, have a look at our FAQs below to check that yours hasn’t already been covered. For more ways to get in touch, please visit our contact page.

  • How do I request an energy quote for my business?

    Simply email us at and one of our customer service team will be able to help you.

  • What information should we send to you, in order to get an accurate business quote?

    All we need to know, other than your company name and address is: your electricity supply number, average annual kWh usage and your current contract end date.

  • How do solar panels work?

    A solar panel turns daylight into electricity, which you can use within your home.

  • Do solar panels require maintenance?

    Our panels are self-cleaning, however, we also offer a maintenance package to ensure your system is monitored frequently.

  • How long do solar panels last?

    Panels will typically last around 20 years, but some will last 25 years. Most warranties will typically state that panels will produce 80% of their initial rated peak after 20 years of use.

  • Do solar panels still produce power on cloudy days?

    Yes, solar powers simply need daylight to produce power.

  • Do solar panels produce any kind of emissions?

    No, they are completely carbon-free.