What a brilliant business decision!

You: looking to boost budgets and meet targets.
Us: one of the UK’s leading providers of renewable energy.
Hey - let’s talk business and find the simplest, most cost-effective energy solution for you!

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Solarplicity Solar Panels

Your complete solar solution

Before we did electricity and gas, we did solar.
So, few other companies know more about it than we do.
Whether you’re a school, sports venue or Government department, we’ll help you boost budgets and meet targets.

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A fair price for business

Just like our consumer customers, we want to bring our business customers simply lower energy bills too.

Solarplicity Fair Price
Solarplicity Fair Price


With our Fair Market Price.

No standing charges.
No hidden costs.

Just 100% renewable electricity for businesses up and down the UK.

Solarplicity Help

Need help?

Whatever the question, we’ve got the right business answer.

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Solarplicity Success Stories

Success stories!

Great solar case studies. Really pleased business customers.

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Solarplicity Business
Building great
partnerships... it’s
one of the things
we do best.

Type. Check. Save. Simple

The energy marketplace is pretty crowded. That’s why we like to keep things simple. Low cost gas and 100% renewable electricity with one straightforward tariff. And absolutely no standing charge. Ever.

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