You can’t get fairer than that…


This morning, energy regulator Ofgem announced that they wanted energy companies to deliver a fairer, more competitive energy market for all consumers. As an energy provider ourselves, we fully support Ofgem’s recent announcement. We are delighted that other companies are recognising the importance of providing affordable energy for all.

However, we think providing affordable energy can go one step further.

Here at Solarplicity, fairer prices have always been part of our mantra; that’s why we have no standing charges! Customers only pay for the energy they use and not a penny more. Our simple, transparent tariff provides all customers with our Fair Market Price and 100% renewable electricity – which is currently, on average, 8% cheaper than the proposed Pre-Payment Meter cap. This saves customers a further £81 in comparison to the proposed Ofgem pricing. It’s also 15% less than the average Standard Variable Tariff of the Big 6 energy providers.

And we don’t just want our customers to pay less, we want them to use less. We believe wholeheartedly in helping our customers to reduce their energy usage through the installation of LED light bulbs. This not only helps to lower yearly energy bills further, but also helps to actually reduce energy usage – and Solarplicity will give you these for free.

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Read the full Ofgem announcement here