Choose renewable energy – save money and the planet

Hello. We're Solarplicity...

Simplicity. It’s part of our name.
Which is why our friendly, caring team make switching to greener energy and simply lower bills easy.
There. Sorted.

Solarplicity Standing Charges

Standing charges? Not us

Standing charges. We don't think that customers should have to stand for them.
So unlike many other energy providers, we've given them the boot.
No catches. Just one simple energy bill every month.
Transparent. Simple. Fair.

Solarplicity Piggy Bank

A big change from the Big 6

Fact. Our prices will always be lower than the UK's 'Big 6' energy companies.
How? Our Fair Market Price. With us, you'll only ever pay for the energy you use.
Not a penny more, not a penny less.

One is the magic number

Life's complicated enough.
That’s why we only have one fixed energy tariff.
It's simple, it's straightforward and it's completely clear.
Now that really is magic.

Solarplicity Hand Globe Solarplicity Hand Globe

Go green, go clean

We have a big commitment to bring down CO2.
That's why we only offer electricity that's 100% renewable.
So, every time our customers make a cuppa, they can give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back.
Good brews all round!

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Solarplicity 100% Renewable Energy
Solarplicity only
ever offer
electricity that's
100% renewable
Solarplicity Happy To Help

Always happy to help

Got a question? Need some help? We’re on it. You can find lots of helpful hints and tips right here. Want to talk? Call us on 0333 0044666 and we’ll always do our best to help.

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Type. Check. Save. Simple

Pop your postcode in the box on the right, click the button and hey presto! Watch the savings add up. Simple, really.