Helping our planet... it’s all in the mix

To us, bringing down CO2 emissions isn’t hard. Like everything we stand for, it’s actually rather simple. A key part of it: our fuel mix. This page tells you more.

Solarplicity Save The Planet

UK national average

Solarplicity CO2

CO2 Emissions: 225g per kWh
Radioactive Waste: 0.007g per kWh

Where does our renewable electricity come from?

Solarplicity Energy Source

CO2 Emissions: 0g per kWh
Radioactive Waste: 0g per kWh

*Fuel mix is for 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

Solarplicity Plug Solarplicity Plug

100% natural. 100% of the time

Where does our renewable electricity come from? Answer: a range of environmentally friendly sources. Green, clean, environmentally friendly. It’s in our nature.

Solarplicity Fuel Mix

Renewable energy, explained

Renewable energy...
The electricity we need every day, created by naturally replenished sources.
Good news for your energy bills, good news for the planet.

Solarplicity 100% Renewable Energy
Solarplicity only ever
offer electricity that’s
100% renewable