Welcome to the Solarplicity Group

The Solarplicity Group is committed to delivering specialised solutions for the renewable energy sector.

Our group operates through three key brands - Green Energy Together, The Community Energy Scheme and Stratford Place Utilities, each sharing our core principles that solar power systems should be for everyone.

Community Energy Scheme

Community Energy Scheme

Working with Stoke-on-Trent City Council, the Community Energy Scheme installs solar panels on council tenants homes for FREE. The Community Energy Scheme also gives FREE energy-saving LED bulbs. PLUS its Fair Market Price guarantee means members will always pay less than the UK’s ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers (saving an estimated £200† a year.)

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Green Energy Together

With tens of thousands of domestic solar and battery storage systems and over 320MW of ground mounted solar fitted, Green Energy Together is one of the largest installers in the UK, and it is bringing a fresh approach to the solar market.

Not only does its scale allows it to offer some of the best prices in the market, their usage-based model means their designs are truly cost-effective, so customers only pay for what they need.

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Saving you £299 per year
Stratford Place Utilities

Stratford Place Utilities

Stratford Place Utilities is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets, including thousands of meters available for leasing to suppliers of all sizes in the gas and electricity markets.

By facilitating access to emerging energy infrastructure such as SMETS2, the company is committed to aiding the global effort to tackle climate change and build a green economy.

Paving the way to a better tomorrow

We believe that sustainable and equitable growth is the only way to create long-term value, this means that as we grow, we are committed to see each community we operate on positively affected.

We are excited to be part of making a greener, more equitable future.