Our fuel mix

Providing energy that's cleaner and greener is high on our agenda. That's why we only offer electricity that's 100% renewable. It's part of our commitment to bring down the CO2 emissions - and help all of our customers do their bit to help the world we live in. So where do we get our energy from? Our renewable energy comes from a range of environmentally friendly sources, the diagram below helps explain how we do in comparison to the UK national average...

Where does our energy come from?

We believe in 100% renewable electricity. That’s why, we will only supply your energy from natural resources. Our energy is made up of 13% solar PV, 31% anaerobic digestion, 29% hydropower and 27% from wind. This helps us to provide simply lower energy bills whilst lowering our carbon emissions.



What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is simple enough: the electricity we need every day, created by sources which are naturally replenished. There is no strict definition of what renewable energy is and debate rages about which sources can produce renewable energy. Common types of renewable energy include: wind, hydro and solar. Other less common forms include biomass, biofuel and anaerobic digestion.